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The Ranch / Mental Health and Addiction

The Ranch is an addiction and mental health facility in Tennessee. It is located on a working ranch where clients get to experience the animals and land first-hand. I served as Creative Director and UI/UX Designer on this project. The projects demographic was 20-29 year old, single, females being admitted for alcohol and mental health issues.

The Ranch Mobile

A Little Bit of Testing Goes a Long Way

I started this project with testing and research. Through my research (analytics, calls, and data collection including phone calls) I found that the main “pain point” was finding which locations served which programs. The current website at the time had confusing navigation around finding locations and their programs. To test a new way of navigating locations, I a/b tested a sticky location navigation to the bottom of every program page. Just this one change in design seemed to clear up any confusion regarding the relationship between the locations and programs. Not only that, but complaints stopped coming into the call center further validating a “fix” for location navigation.

Testing The Ranch

Fixing Confusing Navigation

Besides locations, there had been constant complaints from customers about not being able to find the program they needed. Most of this came from confusing navigation based on SEO without any UX factored into the decision making. To correct these issues, we added a tab called Level of Care which later became Programs through heatmap testing and added specific addictive substances to each What We Treat Page. Navigation was greatly simplified.

The Ranch Navigation

The Problem With What We Treat

What we treat pages had two big issues.

  1. There wasn’t an area to add optimized copy for SEO
  2. The page was confusing and featured therapies more than the issue treated itself.

The fix was to provide an area for scannable, SEO friendly copy and remove therapies from the what we treat pages entirely.

The Ranch Substance Abuse Page

Hi-Fi Comps and Mobile

The final metrics were the following:

Substance Abuse Page: 30% decrease in bounce rate, 14% increase of time on page

Overall 284.42% increase in conversions.

(Results skewed due to Google algorithm changes to the addiction field)

The ranch program page
The Ranch contact us