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COMING SOON – Takeoff – a new way for to design system

For a growing company such as, having a good design system is crucial as it establishes consistent and coherent user experiences across the product. The new design system “Takeoff” would play a critical role in ensuring that users have a consistent and seamless experience throughout the entire product. It also would serve to facilitate effective teamwork and enhances scalability by providing a solid foundation for future growth. Additionally, the design system maintains visual consistency, which strengthens the brand identity of With streamlined design and development workflows, the company would be able to efficiently meet user needs and stand out in a highly competitive market, thereby boosting overall productivity.


My Role

Lead Product Designer and UX Researcher


Product manager, 2 product designers, front-end development


Figma, Zeroheight, Notion, Slack, Storybook


Strategy, process, management, research, governance, components, support, user testing

Case study coming soon

Takeoff is currently in development. Case study will follow shortly.