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BSSM is a Christian school in Redding, CA. I was tasked with redesigning the platform while keeping most of the current functionality intact. On this project, I served as Lead UX Designer. My demographic for this project was 18-25, males and females, Christian and multicultural.

BSSM Mobile

Data First

The first step I took for this project was to talk to the client and look at their data. I was looking for answers to specific questions such as:

  • Who is the user?
  • What are the students currently clicking on within the platform?
  • What are they looking at on the platform?
  • Where are they spending their time? 
  • How could I make this platform easier for them to use?
  • How could I make the platform more valuable for them?

The essential elements ended up being homework, events, and announcements. With these metrics in mind, I kept these three features prominent, and at the top of the dashboard the students land on when they enter the portal.


This project had a lot of layers and complex navigation structures. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Luckily the client already had the user-flow laid out for the most part with a few edits and tweaks along the way by myself to make the flow of the app seamless. One of the main things I made sure I did was to do all lo-fi wireframes before designing anything due to the complexity of the layouts. For this project, I drew out all my wireframes with pen and paper before taking my designs digital. This saved a lot of time and gave the client the chance to see how the platform might work before spending designing every detail.

BSSM Desktop Dashboard

Hi-Fi Comps and Mobile

Usability was increased throughout as well as color schemes, fonts, and cards. Overall, it was more cohesive and easier to use. The donation pages resulted in a 2000%+ increase in donations as well as a more than a 20 % increase on pageviews.

BSSM Login Page
Student List
BSSM Trips Dashboard
BSSM Trips List