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211 Youth

United Way is known for providing opportunity and growth to communities and schools worldwide. Their 211 website provides helpful resources for people everywhere including but not limited to education, health, and housing.

Youth Mobile

The Challenge

United Way 211 asked to revamp an existing landing page focusing on resources for youth and for their parents. The page, as it existed, consisted of random links with no clear objective or flow. There was no storytelling on the page, no way to guide the eye, and most importantly, no clear call to action. As it stood, United Way did not believe the page to be youth-friendly and was not working for their target audience.

Original 211 Youth Page


Beginning my research, I focused on what other 211 websites were doing with their specialty pages. I also focused on other youth-targeted websites. I was looking for what sort of calls to action, navigation styles, design elements, and layouts would attract this key audience.


Next, I focused on wireframing the page on paper. I have found sketching a way to speed up the thought process in design.

211 Youth Wireframe

Hi-Fi Designs

For the final Hi-Fi designs, I used highly saturated colors to convey the feeling of vibrancy and youth. Larger text and offset position made the design a bit more playful. For easy usability and navigation, I added large tap point cards with clear sections. My first priority was to reach youth with parents coming secondary down the page. The redesign resulted in a 265.45% increase in unique pageviews, a 12.39% decrease in bounce rate and a 11.12% decrease in exit rate.

Youth Page Full