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Alissa Engstrom

Hey! I’m Alissa, a product designer, systems thinker, and whale enthusiast living in sunny Redding, CA.

I meticulously plan, strategize, conduct thorough research, and effectively execute each project I undertake. My academic background includes a degree in interactive media, which has enabled me to refine my proficiency in crafting and developing highly interactive experiences. Throughout my 16 year career, I have amassed extensive expertise in working with product and design systems, contributing to the success of prominent organizations like Change Healthcare and innovative startups such as WVS. More recently, I have started to really focus on design systems.

I harbored a deep-seated aspiration to become a designer from a young age. Starting with designing websites at the tender age of 12, my passion for the field has only flourished over the years. In my leisure time, I can be found enjoying moments at the lake with my family, experimenting with new recipes, or indulging in the world of video games.

I also lead a tech group in Redding, CA called RADD, where we teach design and development for free and regularly mentor on ADPlist.